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Buff Brides: The Complete Guide to Getting in Shape and Looking Great for Your Wedding Day
Sarah Kelly (Foreword), Sue Fleming

Review: It works and it's fun. I bought this book on a friend's recommendation. I was sceptical about keeping motivate following guidelines from a book, but it's been great so far. My fiance has joined me in the routine, so he's going to be a buff groom. The way the weekly routines are mixed keeps it from getting monotonous. We have noticed a dramatic change in the shape of our bodies and we are only a couple of months into the routine.

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Wedding Workout: Look and Feel Fabulous on Your Special Day Tracy Effinger, Suzanne Rowen

Synopsis: Most women are photographed more on their wedding day than any other single day in their lives. Every woman wants to look her best on her wedding day. Suzanne Rowan, a bride-to-be and celebrity fitness trainer, Tracey Effinger have joined together to create a full-blown “whip your body into shape” program guaranteed to help every woman look and feel her best on her wedding day. This innovative and effective workout plan incorporates all of the “Effinger” techniques that have made Tracy Effinger the most popular fitness trainer in LA, training celebrities such as Renee Zellwegger, Amy Brenneman, Sela Ward, and Will Farrell. Tracy and Suzanne have developed a program that addresses a full palette of bridal challenges and concerns including: A “recognize your body type” program based on the “cuts” of engagement rings. A six-month, three-month, and six week workout plan based on the amount of time the bride has to get in shape for the big day. Targeted workouts focused on the key body areas featured by the cut of the bridal gown. An eating plan that features quick-to-prepare healthy foods. Exercises that improve posture and poise. The “look great in your bikini” plan for your honeymoon. The “feel great wherever he touches you” body toning exercise regimen. Stress reducing exercises, foods, activities and reflections. Attitude adjusters and time management tools Partner exercises and activities that include your fiancée in your fitness plan. Clever “eat cheats” that won’t blow the plan. Insightful suggestions and actions that will help make your wedding day the best day of your life.

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Every Bride Is Beautiful

Synopsis: A beauty expert gathers advice from professionals for brides on looking one's best on the big day, from choosing the wedding style that best suits them to finding the most flattering gown.

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The 21st Century Beauty Bible
Sarah Stacey, Josephine Fairley

Review: This is a fantastic book. Don't think if you bought the last one you will be duplicating your purchase. This is all-new and even better. The authors debate honestly the high-tec versus natural approach and admit to compromising when performance is lacking - make-up for example. There is a comprehensive stockist guide - you don't have to live in London to benefit - and the book itself is beautiful. The website is also very good. I can't praise this book highly

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Beauty Scoop: The Indispensable Guide to the Best Beauty Products on the Market
Julia Carling, Kate Shapland

Review: There is so much information contained in such a small book, when first reading it, it is hard to believe there is so much included about all different aspects of beauty to include face care, body care and make up to mention just a few. Each section is dedicated to a certain aspect of beauty and you are able to read about application techniques, do's and don't's, as well as the best products which are not necessarily the most expensive on the market which is good, also they are tested by the public which makes the reviews more believeable. I have read the book several times and each time I learn something new about beauty.

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The Make Up Book
Leigh Toselli

Synopsis: The world of makeup is exciting, but also bewildering, with new products and fashions constantly appearing. The Makeup book offers both advice and inspiration to make sense of your beauty needs and the looks that are right for you. The title covers the basics: taking care of your skin and ways to keep the signs of ageing at bay. The author looks at tools and techniques, the basics of foundation, concealers and powders, and approaches making up the face in three parts: eyes, lips and cheeks. The last chapter contains 11 step-by-step accounts, with photographs, of how to achieve a variety of 'looks', from sun looks and natural, to teenage, mature and high fashion. Fact panels touch on topics including application mistakes, face faults and correcting them and ten basic makeup mistakes.

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