Wedding Books for the Bride

Going Bridal: How to Get Married Without Losing Your Mind
Li Robbins

Synopsis: This is NOT your ordinary bridal book. Then again, the bride who reads this is not the ordinary bride. In this book you won't find out how to choose a caterer or get organized. This is the answer to emotional overload! Speaking of overload... what causes a seemingly normal, well-adjusted, level-headed woman to become obsessed, frantic and emotionally unstable after her boyfriend pops the question? She's obviously gone bridal! "Going Bridal" is an actual syndrome, coined by journalist Li Robbins, and now for the first time in her book, "Going Bridal", Robbins amuses, inspires and explains the condition while identifying the four major causes of it, which include: family-induced going bridal, vendor-induced going bridal, fiance (oh, yeah, whatshisname) induced going bridal and friend-induced going bridal. Through humorous and illustrative collections of advice and tips on ways to avoid and minimize the condition, Robbins shares scenarios and experiences from women who have galloped down the bridal path and lived to tell the tale. The book details how even the most stable woman can easily fall from the "I'm so happy to be engaged" moment into a full-blown "Going Bridal" mini-series. With humour and compassion, the "Going Bridal" syndrome is put into perspective, underscoring the importance of what's really significant - the happiness that should surround a wedding. An alternative to traditional wedding planners, etiquette guides and bridal magazines, this wedding guidebook is useful for all brides who want to avoid the emotional and psychological stress that inevitably comes with planning one of the biggest days of their lives.

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I Do: Achieving Your Dream Wedding
Jessica Simpson, Katina Z. Jones

This book is a must have for any Jessica Simpson fan or bride to be. Being both of these, I loved this book! The photographs are stunning and the book is full of tips on planning a wedding, including Jessica's own experiences following her marriage to Nick Lachey.

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What No One Tells the Bride: Surviving the Wedding, Sex After the Honeymoon, Second Thoughts, Wedding Cake Freezer Burn, Becoming Your Mother...
Marg Stark

Review: This book hit the spot! It was just what I needed as I struggled in the first months of marriage. It was comforting to hear other bride's experiences which validated that it is normal to have internal struggles, unseen expectations, and an identity crisis as part of being a bride who has gotten married later in life. This was like a light bulb being turned on for me and my husband as we found out why marriage was more difficult than we had anticipated. The author's candid sharing of her personal journey was refreshing and humorous. I will be giving this book to friends at their bridal showers. It's a must-read for any bride who has developed her own life before trying to blend it with the man of her dreams. I highly recommend it!

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