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Bridal Couture: A Guide to Dressmaking Skills for Creating Beautiful Custom Wedding Gowns
Susan Khalje

Review: As a partner in a bridal wear design company, I found this book to be very well explained, with good clear illustrations and excellent descriptions of couture techniques. The style is economic so the reader doesn't get lost, the author has concentrated on the quality of the content resulting in a quick reference book packed with useful information and handy tips. All of the most popular bridal wear fabrics are covered in detail, and most of the more common manufacturing problems are dealt with. Even if you are making dresses in less traditional styles, you will still find this book invaluable. I was particularly pleased to note that Susan Khalje has included linen amongst her choice of wedding fabrics, proof that she understands not only the modern but also the traditional aspects of bridal couture. A must-have for all designers and lovers of bridal wear.

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The "Knot's" Complete Guide to Wedding Gowns
Carley Roney

Synopsis:Filled with more than 250 color photographs and illustrations, a beautiful guide demystifies the wedding dress by detailing the construction of the dress; profiling the various styles; defining the many varieties of fabrics, laces, embellishments, and accessories; providing advice on the perfect style.

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Bridal Gowns: How to Make the Wedding Dress of Your Dreams
Susan E Andriks

Review: I found a lot of information in here that transfered very well to making period style gowns (my real area of interest). It explains features that should or shouldn't be used for different shape people, it explained why lots of small gethers aren't flattering arround the waist of some people. Gives outlines to trace to design your dress. Slightly disapointed by the dresses they used to illustrate the techniques, (they take you through several dresses step by step). It covers all shapes and sizes and I think would give any bride real confidence in her choice of dress. It realy can help you not to make avoidable mistakes on what has to be one of the most important things in most peoples lives.

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Couture Bridalwear: Pattern, Layout and Design
Margot Arendse

Review: This book is fantastic if you have the perfect dress in mind, but can't find the perfect pattern for your needs. It gives clear instructions on how to alter a pattern block to produce all the designs you could want. I thought designing my own dress would be difficult, but this book shows you that there are a few simple rules to learn and once you have those, you can create just about anything. I definitely recommend this book. The only place that I would say it falls down is that some of the written explanations are unclear, but usually the diagrams make up for it.

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Veiled in Beauty: Creating Headpieces, Veils and Accessories for the Bride
Elaine Perry (Editor)

Synopsis:Accessorising the bride can take a major chunk out of any wedding budget. Veiled in Beauty is designed to help the bride significantly reduce that cost, while attaining the fashion style and individuality she craves. The materials required for creating headpieces and veils cost a mere fraction of the ready-made retail price, and the skill and time necessary to make them are both minimal, Given the know-how found in this book and a few short hours of time, any bride, mother, or friend, can make the bride's headpiece and veil, while saving as much as 90 percent. With beautiful photography and clear, detailed information, the bride will discover all of her options in selecting and creating the perfect headpiece and veil to complement her dress. Information includes: selecting the proper length veil to complement the dress and the wedding style, selecting and creating a wide variety of headpieces, how to apply unique edgings and accents to the veil, how and where to attach the veil to the headpiece, how to secure the headpiece and veil to your bead, and how to properly store them after the wedding. The book also helps the bride select and embellish gloves and shoes to perfectly coordinate with her outfit, as well as instructions for making a variety of garters. Great value and convenience for the consumer. Provides not just instructions for the costly headpiece, but other easy-to-make accessories for the bride's ensemble. Simple construction techniques. Average-to-beginner crafting/sewing skill level. Today's most popular veils and headpieces are taught, with over 25 styles to complement any gown. Information on selecting the proper veil length, how to secure the headpiece/veil to your head, and how to preserve your accessories after the ceremony. All items are shown in full-colour photography, providing a clear visual of the finished product.

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