Wedding Photography Memories to treasure forever.

The Bride's Guide to Wedding Photography
Steve Sint

Synopsis: The choice of a photographer is one of the most important decisions any bride can make. Steve Sint has photographed over 3500 weddings and his advice about style, package deals, and technical considerations is based on this vast experience. Wedding photography giving you memories to treasure forever.

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Capture the Moment: A Bride's and Photographer's Guide to Contemporary Weddings
Stephen Swain

Review: I've never met Stephen Swain, but i'd like to. This book is simply fantastic. The unique aspect of this book is that it also give a viewpoint from the brides perspective, this actually helps the reader understand what's required for wedding photography. The pictures are inspirational, Stephen has a super style, pure photojournalism but he can also use complex techniques better than most when he needs to. The writing is sharp, clear and to the point, with the brides perspective immediately next to the photographers perspective, a great idea.

Also with each photograph, there is information on camera used, flash used, iso used etc, so the reader can really understand how each picture happened. My only problem, not a criticism, is that Stephen is a film based photographer an I have just moved to digital. But even if Stephen used digital equipment I would imagine he would have written the book in the same way. This is certainly a book for both film and digital users.

Conclusion. I've got seven books on the subject, this is easily the best, nothing comes near.

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