Civil Wedding Vows, Civil Wedding Poems and Readings. Modern wedding readings for your civil wedding ceremony.

Wedding Vows: How to Express Your Love in Your Own Words
Peg Kehret

Wedding poems and modern wedding readings for your ceremony

Synopsis: Very personal and specialised civil wedding vows are a constant need. This book includes sixty-five civil wedding vows and declarations of love plus a lot more. It tells how to plan this most important part of your wedding. It suggests how to work with your pastor, what to include in your civil wedding vows and how to write your own. The suggested wedding poems and modern wedding readings, which may be edited to fit your special feelings, are in both monolog and dialog form. They are short enough to be easily memorised. Civil wedding vows and wedding poems readings Beautiful wedding photography throughout. Nine chapters: How to Use This Book, The Officiate, What to Include in Your Civil Wedding Vows; Writing Your Own Wedding Vows, Promise and Declarations of Love, Vows in Dialog Form, Ring Ceremonies, Special Vows.

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Wedding Vows: Finding the Perfect Words
Mike Macfarlane

I've read this from cover to cover, having begun with very little knowledge of writing my own civil wedding vows. This gives very practical advice on the ceremony and the things you can & can't say when standing at the altar. I enjoyed the modern wedding readings section at the end as well, as there are some really meaningful wedding poems. You may be wondering how the author knows so much about writing civil wedding vows. Well, he is a registrar, which made it all worth while for me. Who better to tell how to write your own wedding vows than a registrar himself. This meant he wrote really unusual civil wedding vows into the book that couples he has married have used in the past, which was fantastic. This has inspired me to write some really personal wedding vows for my partner & I.

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A World of Ways to Say I Do: Unique Vows, Wedding Readings, Poems and Customs to Make Your Wedding Day Your Own
Noah BenShea, Jordan BenShea



Synopsis: The words we choose with which to say "I do" reflect a couple's individual love and expresses their innermost hopes for what their marriage and commitment will be for their lifetime. Today's modern bride and groom want to incorporate tradition, eloquence, and faithful promises into their civil wedding vows, and this beautiful book offers ideas and inspirations for incorporating meaningful words and thoughts of love into their special day. That said, wedding vows are perhaps the most important and sacred part of the ceremony and today's couples want to imbue their vows with intent and meaning. That's where this book by a strong-selling, inspirational, gift book author comes in. How We Say I Do is filled with traditional and unconventional vows, civil wedding poems, and readings, fascinating histories of vows and wedding experiences from a variety of cultural and religious traditions (Catholicism, Protestant, Muslim, Buddhist, Hindu, Baha'i, Hispanic, Native American, Asian, European, and others). Also included is advice and information on how to personalize and create your own wedding vows to make the special day even more meaningful.

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The Knot Guide to Wedding Vows and Traditions: Readings, Rituals, Music, Dances, and Toasts

Includes modern wedding readings.

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Modern Wedding Readings and Musical Ideas
Rev John Wynburne, Alison Gibbs

Synopsis: A wedding is a day to remember for life. And the words that are spoken in celebration of such a joyous occasion need to be chosen with the greatest of care so that they encapsulate the style of the day and the deeply-felt emotions of the happy couple. John Wynburne regularly joins couples in matrimony and understands the importance of this choice. With Alison Gibbs, he has compiled a wide-ranging selection of poetry and prose, plus a bank of musical ideas, to offer the perfect selection for every couple's happiest day - whatever the style of the occasion or the beliefs of those involved.

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Design Your Own Wedding Ceremony: With Selected Wedding Poetry and Readings
Michael Perry, Rowena Edlin-White

Synopsis: This guide explains what is required by law and what can be individually tailored to meet a couple's particular preferences and circumstances. It will enable couples to personalize their civil wedding vows, select their own wedding readings and prayers, and include children of previous marriages where appropriate.

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Treasury of Wedding Poems, Quotations & Short Stories

Synopsis: This charming treasury contains over 100 classic poems, quotations and short stories from many lands -- and all on the subject of weddings! From bridal preparations and the wedding day itself, to advice for newlyweds about married life -- these verses, quotations and short stories celebrate weddings throughout the ages and from all around the world. Beautifully illustrated by Rosemary Fox, this collection includes the works of Edgar Allan poet, Goethe, e e Cummings, Ovid, George Bernard Shaw, Anton Chekhov, Stephen Crane and A A Milne, among other classic and modern writers.

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