Wedding Dress Shopping Tips

Our Wedding Plans When shopping for your Wedding Dress, a few simple tips will help you in making the right choice for you.

Start your wedding dress shopping at least 6 months before your Wedding Day. It can take that long for the shop to order and receive your bridal gown, and then alterations may be required.

Make appointments to see a specialist sales assistant. This will ensure that you will be seen and given the time needed to make your choice.

Take pictures of wedding dresses that you like along with you. If you get the picture from a magazine, make sure you note the magazine name, page number and designer; this will help the salesperson when trying to choose a dress. Go through several bridal magazines, and cut out the dresses that you like. Make a file and take this with you when you go to visit the stores. Notice details like necklines, sleeves, design lines; fabrics such as laces, brocades, satins and silks; trims such as piping and embroidery.

Before your set off you should, simulate your part in the "wedding day" by implementing some basic steps. For example, wear white or flesh coloured underwear and Invest in a new bra which will lift your bust, thereby lengthening your waist and aesthetically defining your figure. Decide how you intend to arrange your hair and fix it as best you can by yourself. The set of your hair and the shape it creates will affect which neckline is most suitable. You will now get a much better feel for the dresses you try on.

Provide all the pertinent information about your wedding, such as the style of wedding (formal, semi-formal, casual) and location of ceremony and reception sites. These factors can dictate what type of dress you will need.

Decide on your budget beforehand and tell the sales person your price range. Don't waste your time by trying on dresses that you know you can't afford. Common wisdom is that it should correlate directly with your overall budget for the event; the rule of thumb ranges from anywhere between 5 and 10 percent.

Take one or two people with you that you absolutely trust, and make sure they can be objective.

Shop around and compare prices. Visit a few outlets before making a final decision on a dress.

Remain calm

It’s a good idea to approach the dress search deliberately and calmly. Remember, dresses are NOT like men: there’s a very good chance that there will be more than one that you love, and if you’re patient, one of those will certainly be within your budget. If you go in with the thought that there’s only for you, then you may shell out more than you anticipated for a wedding dress that’s very similar to one at the next store for half the cost.

When your place an order make sure the retailer knows the date of your Wedding. This will help them know when is the latest that you absolutely need your dress. Many brides will specify a date a few weeks earlier than their actual wedding date, to avoid any last minutes problems that may arise .

Before you put down a deposit, make sure you understand their return polices, guarantees, and refund policies

If you are on a tight budget don't forget to consider purchasing a second hand Wedding Dress or hiring one from one of the specialist outlets offering this service

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