Father of the Bride Speech

The Father of the Bride has the privilege of making the first speech at the Wedding Breakfast.

The structure of the Father of the Bride wedding speech is usually quite standard, although there is plenty of scope for personal interpretation.

The Father of the Bride's Wedding Speech usually welcomes everyone, thanks them for coming, and thanks everyone who contributed to the cost of the wedding. He will then often make a few comments about his daughter, with perhaps some childhood anecdotes and always remembering to conclude by saying how beautiful she looks. There is then the opportunity to welcome the groom into the family, again perhaps adding a few personal comments and observations.

It is then the duty of the Father of the Bride to offer the newly married couple some worldly advice on marriage. He concludes by proposing a toast "To the Bride and Groom"

Having recently delivered a "Father of the Bride" Speech two parts went exceptionally well.

After commenting on the bride and groom I told everyone that they had given me special permission to make an announcement - pause for effect. They had actually already started a family. Stunned silence and worried looks ... They have two rabbits, thumper and maple, and two hamsters ..... Much laughter, mostly in relief I think. Get the timing right and it is a sure fire winner!!

The second biggest laugh came when, in my Father of the Bride Speech, I was offering the bride and groom words of advice. I asked the bride to place her hand on the table and for the groom to place his hand on top of hers. I then turned to the groom and told him that while the bride would be in control during their marriage he should savour this moment. For a few fleeting seconds he had the upper hand. (you can fit the words to suit your own circumstances, but it worked well!!)

This simple ten-point plan will ensure the contents of your Father of the Bride speech will be memorable – and for the right reasons! (Reproduced by kind permission of Webooks. Read their full online book about making the Father of the Bride Speech)

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