Fresh ideas for wedding gifts

Choosing wedding gifts for modern couples is no easy task. Traditional gifts for the home tend not to be appropriate, since most couples will already have been living together for some time before they tie the knot. It is probable that the happy couple will have everything they need in terms of home appliances customarily given as wedding gifts. The increase in people moving away from home because of study or their professional life correlates with a rising number of people choosing to get married far from where they grew up – either abroad on a sun-soaked beach or in a location that is meaningful to their fiancé. This can add further difficulty to the choice of gift, as it becomes necessary to choose something that fits in a suitcase and travels well.

While such factors can make the task of picking out something special seem daunting, they also provide a fantastic opportunity to get creative. It is all too easy to give an impersonal gift such as cash, or mindlessly select an option from a gift registry. However, by choosing a meaningful gift, you have the chance to show how much you care about the recipients and to give something that will truly be treasured for a lifetime.

The obvious choice when you want to get personal is to select a personalised item. The couple’s first names, titles and surname, nicknames, or the date of the ceremony can easily be engraved, embroidered or otherwise added to a wide range of gifts – from pillow cases and bathrobes to decorative dishes, specially commissioned artwork or even garden furniture. One romantic option is a garden swing with the couple’s names carved into the seat back. You could imagine the happy couple enjoying many a peaceful summer evening curled up together as a light breeze gently rocks them back and forth. Glassware always makes a stunning gift. There is little as stylish as a pair of elegant crystal champagne glasses featuring a beautiful design incorporating the names or initials of the bride and groom.

If you have to travel for the ceremony or you simply want to give something that really stands out, it is worth considering giving an experience as a gift. Something that will be remembered need not necessarily be something that lasts. Often precious memories are treasured to an extent far beyond any object. A beautiful experience shared by the newlyweds is likely to be something they can hold in their hearts forever. While it is important to choose an experience that suits the personalities of the bride and groom, this could be anything from chocolate tasting to skydiving. For an extra special touch, consider an experience package that includes a commemorative gift. An example could be a trip to see champagne being made, that includes commemorative champagne glasses.

A final option to consider is a gift intended to be savoured and enjoyed by the couple as their relationship deepens over time. A wine holder with bottles allocated to be drunk on the first, fifth and tenth marriage anniversaries is a fine example – showing that you have faith in the strength of your friends’ love. Another touching gift idea in this vein is a fruit tree. Over the years, the tree will grow as a symbol of their love, and many a summer day may be spent enjoying fruit picked from its boughs, or watching their children climb among its branches.

There are a great many charming and beautiful gift ideas that can make a wedding day extra special. All it takes to choose the right gift is a little time and thought.