Wedding Dress Buying Tips

by Chloe Willis

  • Looking in magazines at different styles is a good start, but it is easy to become absorbed in a particular style, and you may be disappointed if when you try that design on it doesn’t suit you. Therefore when looking in magazines just remember that they are models and are there to sell the dress, which is bound to look good on them as it is likely to have been designed around them.
  • One of my best Wedding Dress buying tips is to sit down and think of the type of clothes that you feel comfortable in, i.e. do you like to show off your arms, do you like wearing clothes that cling to the body or do you prefer something that flares?
  • Be honest with yourself. If you know that something clingy does not suit you, don’t go for a wedding dress that outlines your body, and if you don’t like your bum, then don’t go for a dress that makes it 10 times bigger! You don’t want to ruin your day by continually asking “does my bum look big in this!”
  • It’s a good idea to draw a simple outline of the ideal dress that you are looking for, as this gives you a good starting point. Whatever dress you try on you will not be completely happy with it if it is not what you had in mind. However always bear in mind that you may not find anything that is exactly what you expected.

  • The next step is to go to different stores and try on various style of dresses so you can find out which suits you best, i.e if you want an all in one, or a skirt and bodice, or if the design that suits you is an ‘A’ Line. It is important to always keep an open mind. You have to be willing to try most things, so you know what really does look good.
  • Buying a dress that is suitable for you is what is most important. It is easy to be put in a situation where you feel pressurised into buying a dress that you do not feel 100% comfortable in. Try to avoid places where store assistants are there to offer advice to begin with. Try stores where you can go in and try dresses on without any pressure, then when you know what suits you, and what style feels comfortable and you are ready to buy you are more likely to welcome comments from staff. Bear in mind store assistants are there to sell something to you, so make sure you go in prepared, and preferably take along someone with you, so you don’t feel pushed into making a decision. Never buy anything if you are not 100% comfortable in it, you are centre of attention on your wedding day so people will be looking at you and taking photographs, so be certain you are happy with what you look like. Your dress should make you feel like a princess, and that’s how you should feel on your day.
  • Prices on the high street range in price and I strongly advise that you search on the internet for companies that make them to order, as you will find that this will cut the cost, I managed to get my dress for £80 custom made, on the high street dresses range from about £350 up to £2000 depending on where you go.
  • Although it is your big day, it is important to remember that if you search around your dress does not have to cost you nearly a fifth of your wedding budget, you are able to look stunning and feel great and have enough left over to upgrade your honeymoon suite!




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