Wedding Checklists - Flowers

Arrange flowers for the Wedding is an important item on your Wedding checklist. Plan to visit various florists, preferably on a quieter day of the week, and ask their advice on colours and types of bouquets to match the wedding outfits. You may also like the florist to provide church flowers and flowers for the reception on the same colour scheme.

Buttonholes are usually provided for the principal men of the Wedding party. Sprays are worn by the two mothers. Should you not be using a professional florist, you will still need to order several weeks in advance, especially if you are choosing out of season flowers. More detailed information on Wedding bouquets and the meanings of flowers.

Wedding Checklists - Music

Choose you Wedding Music We have selected a number of Wedding Music CDs for you to choose from.

Wedding Checklists - Photographs / video

You may know someone who has recently married who can give you a recommendation. Otherwise contact local photographers and ask to see examples of their work and prices. You will need to agree before the ceremony any specific photographs you require taking. If you require photographs inside the church / ceremony venue you will need permission. There are a number of selected books you can buy on Wedding Photography which may help.

Wedding Checklists - Invitations

Invitations. Decide on who you would like to be the Best Man, Bridesmaids and Ushers. Order your Wedding Stationary. Send out invitations to guests along with a wedding gift list, and how to reach the church and reception. Read this article for more information on your Wedding invitations

Wedding Checklist - Outfits.

Groom's outfit - in most cases this is hired. Be sure this is done well in advance. The Best Man and Ushers also may wish to hire outfits.

Bridesmaids. Try to choose a colour that will not only complement the Bride's Dress, but will look good on each of them. Take a look at some long beautiful bridesmaid dresses for inspiration.

Wedding Dress. Try on as many styles as you can to get a feel, and try ivory as an alternative to white as it may suit your complexion better. As this is a large expense consider hiring. Some department stores now offer suitable bridal / bridesmaid dresses at reasonable prices. With outfits for the Bride and bridesmaids ask how near to the Wedding Day you can leave it before ordering to allow for losing / gaining weight. Read our Wedding Dress Buying Tips for more advice.

Wedding Checklist - The cake

Visit local bakeries to get styles and quotes. Most bakeries have photographs of the cakes they provide. Alternatively some large stores stock suitable cakes for Weddings which will just require additional decorations. Don't forget to ask if stands are provided. We have selected some Books on Wedding Cake Decoration which may be of interest.

Wedding Checklists - Rings and Gift Registry

Shop together for Wedding rings and choose small presents for your attendants. You may find our article on the origin and tradition of wedding rings an interesting read!

Wedding Lists / Registry. Many couples find it easier to choose one or two large national department stores for their guests to select items from. Debenhams have an excellent online service and stores in most major cities.

Wedding Checklist - Transport

Arrange your Wedding transport, either by hiring transport or by using reliable cars from family / guests.

And Finally:

If you are going abroad on a honeymoon remember a change of name will take time.

We have a much more detailed wedding checklist which takes you through on a monthly basis on our wedding countdown pages

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