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Where to sit at a wedding is one of the more daunting experiences that your guests can be faced with if you don’t design a wedding seating arrangement for them and display the resulting wedding table plan at the reception. Creating your own wedding seating plans will allow you to mix family and friends so they can get to know each other, keep away unwanted family feuding, and ensure that those you want near the top table are close by.

wedding table planWedding table plans are often seen as an additional stress to the wedding especially as guests change their mind on who they are bringing, or cancel with just a weeks notice! It is important that you don’t get too tied down in the politics of the cancellations as you will never be 100% certain on who will turn up on the day. All you can do is organise your Wedding seating plan for the reception to the best of your knowledge at the time, as it will provide a good basis to work from. It is unlikely that all the guests who do not turn up will be from the same table.

It is advisable that when designing your Wedding Table Plans that you do not put all the brides relations on one table and the grooms on another. Mix relations up as not only will this create an opportunity for families to mingle but it will also decrease your chance of having a table with only a few on.silver wedding table plan close up

If for instance a family are travelling from abroad together and are unable to make it, you would be 4 short on a table if you placed them all on the same table, whereas if they had been put onto two tables it leaves two tables just two people short, which is a lot less noticeable.

Be considerate of the more elderly members of your party when decding on your wedding table plans, as it is possible some of them maybe hard of hearing and will need to be closer to the top wedding table in order to hear the wedding speeches!

To help relieve some of the stress of the wedding table plans you can get your plan made up for you, if you provide a table layout and a list of guests who are on each table. Be careful when considering the purchase of a table plan as some offer them are framed and this can be awkward for some venues to display. Make sure you know what size plans your venue caters for.

Customised Wedding Table Plans

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All our Wedding Table Plans are unframed, made on mountboard in 2 sizes, either A1 for large events or A3 for the more intimate wedding reception, and are made to match your wedding colour scheme, or to match your wedding stationery design if you purchase the rest of your wedding stationery from us.

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