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Our Wedding Plans Choosing a wedding theme is one of the most crucial components of any wedding day, often it goes hand in hand with your wedding colour scheme.  It is important to keep a continuity throughout your day, by choosing the right wedding theme, it can be either subtle hints of a theme, or a full blown affair, you can ensure your wedding day flows together.

The theme tends to be chosen at the start of your wedding, and is best chosen before you decide on your wedding invitation, as these often depict the theme, and will continue throughout your wedding stationery with added pieces amongst your wedding day such as venue decoration, reception decoration, flowers etc.  Some themes even coincide with the wedding dress and wedding cake, such as a floral or butterfly theme. 

Always choose a theme that you know can be kept too throughout your day, there is nothing worse than choosing your wedding stationery to then find later down the line that your supplier cannot provide items to match,.  Remember to do your research first, as finding decorations or a cake to match can prove to be much harder than first thought! Don't forget your wedding theme accent colours

Sometimes it can help you to choose your wedding stationery with your theme in mind, but I think it helps to be open minded to start with, unless you are going for a more defined theme such as Disney Couples, or a Christmas Orientated theme etc.

Popular Wedding Theme Ideas:

Specific Themes:

Your theme will follow you throughout your wedding day so choose wisely, and research it before you buy the products, this will help keep your costs down as you are less likely to have to change your plans if you know you can get everything you need based on your wedding theme.

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