Anyone who likes to vape will know that even though it is a much more acceptable alternative to smoking, there are still some circumstances where it is not acceptable to vape. One of these is when you are a guest at a wedding, although you will be able to find a few minutes here and there for vaping.

When can you vape at a wedding?

So you are at a friend’s wedding and you have your Lost Mary Vape at the ready. Unfortunately you will not be able to use this at the actual ceremony, even if the ceremony is taking place outside. You should ensure that you put this away before the event actually begins. That does not mean that you cannot use it before the ceremony, but just make sure you are outdoors when you do.

When the ceremony is over and everyone is waiting around while photos are taken you might be able to vape then. Just make sure that it cannot be seen in the photos!

Later in the day you are likely to be at the wedding reception. Most will have an outdoor area for smokers and it will be fine for you to use your vape there. If you want to vape indoors there are a few people you need to ask first. The first is the person in charge of the venue. They will know what the rules are for the venue and you will be expected to comply. If they say it is okay you need to then check with the bride and groom, just in case they have a different view.

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