For those who are planning a wedding, there are some challenging decisions to make. Whether to stick to traditional expectations or to encourage more modern ideas The needs of the wedding guests have undoubtedly changed over the last few years. And, of course, it can be quite a stressful day for all concerned, especially the bride and groom. Previously, people relied on cigarettes to help them relax, but smoking is now frowned upon.

Designated Vaping Areas

For wedding guests who now prefer vaping rather than smoking and look forward to their Elf Bar 600, a designated area at the venue is a great solution. The happy couple should try to find a venue that allows for vaping within the grounds, preferably one that can be used in all weathers. The renowned company of Elf Bar has a range of disposable vapes, and the wedding guests who enjoy their range of flavors will be pleased to have their needs catered for.

The happy couple should explore all possibilities to accommodate their guests who vape and will need to discuss the policies at their venue of choice. One less thing to think about will ensure the day goes smoothly.

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