Regarding wedding card design, abstract art patterns have never been more popular. Since these patterns focus on form, shape, line, and colour; not physical representation, they are exceptionally versatile. This makes it possible for designers to create a diversity of minimalist, edgy, and modern styles of wedding invitations. Hence, abstract art is the real deal for couples who want to showcase a flexible and impartial attitude to life.

Consider these three abstract art patterns for your wedding card design.

Abstract Art Painting

Nothing is easier than using a famous abstract art painting as a wedding card background. This will make the card appear as if it were a beautiful art of its own. However, the couple needs to be in love with the art painting itself or the artist it’s attributed to. Besides, abstract art paintings come in various styles, including classical and modern abstract art. Each style offers a different atmosphere and expresses a certain personality couples associate with.

Line Drawing

The fact that lines form the basic foundation of all forms of art can’t be stressed enough. This type of abstract art covers drawings composed of lines without colour fill. Line drawings give wedding cards not just an elegant look but a sensuous and graceful appearance too. Hence, this art fits couples who are understated and sophisticated too.

Geometric Shapes

This is a worthy consideration for couples with a penchant for fuss-free lifestyles. Geometric patterns consist of various shapes, including triangles, rectangles, squares, and circles. With the shapes having well-defined and straight or sharp edges, they will surely create a sense of simplicity among your wedding guests. Yes, geometric shapes are great for minimalistic expression.

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