A themed wedding is one where every part of the wedding adheres to a specific theme, although sometimes this can be limited to wedding photographs. There is some debate as to when themed weddings started, but it is generally accepted to be a modern tradition.

Themed wedding generally fall within two categories: classically based themes and popular culture themes. In a classically themed wedding it is common to see the wedding party dressed in clothing that was some form of historical significance to either the bride or groom’s family, such as dressing in clothing that their ancestors may have dressed in for their weddings. Pop culture themed weddings may feature clothing or locations that are similar in nature to either a book, television series, or a film. Game of Thrones style weddings have grown in popularity in recent years alongside the popularity of the show, although not every themed wedding requires elaborate clothing, many simply take place in a location that has historical significance, such as a castle.

Themed weddings have caused a lot of debate amongst couples and it is easy to find both sides of the debate on wedding websites, both with good arguments for and against. Although it is of course down to the wedding party themselves whether or not to have a themed wedding, it should be noted that it can greatly increase the price of a wedding, in general, themed weddings aren’t as accessible to those on lower budgets.

One of the biggest advantages that themed weddings have is their photogenic nature, it may be much easier for high-quality photos to be taken of the wedding party in locations that are already considered to be scenic. The demand for scenic wedding photos has also led to an increase in demand for photographers with access to top-tier equipment, considered by many to be good for the industry, particularly as the cost of photography equipment has dropped over the years.

Some weddings have taken on far more extravagant themes, particularly with science fiction based themes, there have even been some wedding cinematographers using extensive amounts of computer generated graphics when producing wedding videos. A science fiction theme wedding will very often make heavy use of exotically styled clothing that attempts to look futuristic. It can be harder to find locations with a science fiction style, but this is often difficult, leaving many to use locations that can be digitally altered after filming.

When thinking about having a themed wedding yourself it’s always important to ask what it is that you are truly trying to achieve. This can help limit the decisions that have to be made when planning what will likely be an extravagant wedding, particularly for clothing and location.

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